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A lean distribution and standard operating procedures with methods for each task within the distribution center targeted labor-management productivity performance improvements. Our team of LEAN Six Sigma (Black or Green belt) certified consultants utilize process flow charts, 5S organization, and kanban work queues to provide exceptional process improvements. 

How We Can Help

Methods Improvement

An analysis of methods employed for each task within the distribution center is benchmarked. We then provide improvement opportunities, potential savings, and next steps.

Operations Management

Operate your day-to-day processes in the most efficient way possible. We align your business goals with your activities to track and manage your key performance metrics are being met.

LEAN Distribution - IIE Certified

We implement Lean tools such as process flow charts, value stream maps, 5S organization, and kanban work queues to review purpose, process, procedures, and people.

The SUCCEED Workshop

A three-day interactive workshop to educate managers concerning change management, basic leadership, continuous improvement, fundamentals of lean, labor management, productivity measurement, and performance counseling.

Standard Operating Procedures

Receive an engaging illustrated SOP document for ongoing training and orientation to share throughout all skill levels of workers.

Process Optimization

Realize more significant business profits with our assistance in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your product paths, the technology used, and inventory management.

Schedule a Consultation

Meet with a Hy-Tek expert to get a custom-built strategy that will not only save you money but provide a clear path to long-term, sustainable supply chain optimization. 

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