Goods to Person Automation

Goods to Person Automation

A goods-to-person (GTP) system is an automated order fulfillment system used in warehouses or distribution centers to optimize the picking and storage process of goods. GTP systems utilizes a combination of automated storage and retrieval as well as robotics.

Unlike the traditional picking method, where the worker goes to the shelves and picks the items manually, the GTP system brings the items to the worker, making the process more efficient and less time-consuming.

Once the worker has completed the pick from the tote, the GTP system automatically returns the tote back to its storage location. 

A GTP system offers increased efficiency, accuracy, and safety for your facility.

Benefits of Goods-to-Person Systems

  • Improved Productivity

    A goods-to-person system significantly increases productivity by reducing travel time and minimizing the potential for errors that occur when workers navigate to pick locations.

  • Increased Efficiency

    By automating the picking process, the GTP system can streamline the workflow and reduce delays in order fulfillment.

  • Enhanced Safety

    The GTP system reduces the physical demands on workers by bringing the goods to them, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries that can occur when workers move heavy or bulky items manually.

  • Better Space Utilization

    With high-density G2P systems, storage space can be optimized by using the vertical height of the facility. This helps to reduce the overall footprint of the required storage.

  • Improved Accuracy

    The automated nature of the GTP system reduces the potential for human error, improving accuracy and reducing the likelihood of picking the wrong item. This can result in fewer returns and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Enhanced Scalability

    The GTP system is highly scalable, allowing for easy expansion and customization as the business grows and evolves. This can provide a more flexible and cost-effective solution compared to traditional manual picking methods.

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As part of the IntraOne Platform, our goods-to-person solutions are supported by simulation testing, data analysis, system integration, full stack software, and client support.

G2P Technologies

Exotec skypod robots carrying teal totes in front of storage system


Exotec is a scalable and efficient goods-to-person solution. Using 3D mobile robots with laser scanner navigation and AI, Skypods retrieve bins that weigh up to 66 pounds.

Learn more about Exotec >>

Black mobile robots carrying shelfs that contain cardboard totes


Geek+ P-Series robots are often used in goods-to-person applications where the robots move the inventory shelves and pallets to the picking station.

HAI Robotics

HAI Robotics is an autonomous case-handling robot (ACR) system which is a highly efficient type of G2P solution. Each robot can retrieve and store multiple cases on its backside.

See robotics in action!

G2P Applications

Goods-to-Person (G2P) technology is an order fulfillment technology that uses automation to bring inventory and order lines to a static picker at a station. As this is a very broad category, you can separate it into 3 different applications of G2P technology:

High-Cube G2P: 

  • Typically uses  racking system to assist automation in moving in an X, Y, or Z axis
  • Picks a single tote from the rack and brings it to a pick station
  • Provides high storage density 
  • High throughput

Shelf-Level G2P:

  • Utilizes AMRs or AGVs to move shelving/racking subassemblies to a pick station
  • Picker picks directly from shelf
  • Works in wide range of environments
  • Lower storage density

Tote-Level G2P: 

  • Utilizes an AGV with a vertical mast to remove totes/cartons from fixed racking/shelving
  • Takes tote/carton to pick station
  • Mid-level storage density (less than high-cube, but more than shelf-level)
Mobile robots carrying metal racks containing totes full of product

Want to see whether a goods-to-person solution would work for your application?

Proven Experience

Featured Case Study: Ariat | Exotec Skyod System

The existing facility was set up to process retail store fulfillment with large order profiles. However, COVID-19 accelerated eCommerce growth, increasing the need to change the fulfillment processes. The Exotec G2P system was the ideal solution as it supports order fulfillment for multiple order profiles.


Lines per Hour


Skypod Robots


Inventory Locations

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