Supply Chain Consulting


Supply Chain Network Optimization

A Supply Chain Network Optimization empowers organizations to compare the current state of their supply chain to multiple “what-if” scenarios. Our clients can then develop concise, strategic plans and goals based on our metrics, which consist of facility locations, facility size, inventory levels, and inbound and outbound transportation.

Site Selection, Economic Incentives, Assessment and Negotiations

Site Selection is the process of evaluating all available sites for a distribution facility. The first stage of selection ensures the sites meet a list of minimum requirements. Each feasible site is then visited to further evaluate the site’s ability to meet the actual needs of the planned facility. A list of finalists sites is then compared in detail to determine which sites provide the best possible solution. Criteria used to evaluate sites include labor availability, the skill level of the workforce, labor market wage rates, economic development incentives, parking requirements, utility rates, proximity to major transportation, dock requirements, ceiling height, and other physical facility characteristics.

Transportation Analysis

Supply chain flows are constantly changing, resulting in continuous opportunities to optimize fleet patterns. Our fleet modeling service utilizes optimization technology to analyze current fleet operations and identify potential savings opportunities through improved lane assignments, improved backhaul performance, or changes in delivery frequency. This service is particularly effective for fleets that have not been optimized within the last three years.

3PL Selection Assistance

 If you do not have a current third-party logistics (3PL) provider, you are not happy with your current 3PL contract, or the provider’s services in general, it might be time to start considering alternative options. Selecting the right 3PL can often be challenging to define the organizational requirements along with sorting through the vast number of providers out there. In certain situations, it might even make more sense to build a warehouse and do everything yourself rather than engaging with a specific 3PL provider. As part of our 3PL selection assistance process, our team of consulting experts can help guide your organization to select the best-equipped 3PL, while providing a customized solution that fits your business needs.