Picking and Packing


Increase Productivity with Flexible Pick and Pack Solutions

As online retail sales keep growing, retailers will face more pressure to ship orders faster. In this new era, a flexible and scalable operations system is needed. Combining our automated warehouse execution systems with various pick-and-pack technologies makes it possible to meet growing demand with greater efficiency and speed.

Automate Your Picking & Packing Processes

Warehouse Execution Systems

Take complete control of your warehouse operations with 100% performance, resources, and inventory visibility. Lower your total cost of ownership with an extensible, open platform and flexible warehouse automation solutions that adapt to your unique requirements.

In-Line Labeling

Use automatic print and apply labelers to accomplish inventory identification and routing the most quickly and accurately possible. Because they are easily integrated into conveyor routes, labor costs can be reduced while boosting accuracy and productivity.

In-Line Weighing

In-line scales are the only way to guarantee accurate product weights are calculated to ensure optimal filling, accurate billing, and minimized rework, increasing your order accuracy and efficiency.

Packaging Robots

Quickly and securely pack single or multiple items to one or more cases per cycle with the highest precision. Fast return on investment from a solution that maximizes throughput and prevents errors optimizes customers’ product flow.

Automated Storage & Retrieval System

Great for storing high volumes of items in manufacturing or distribution environments. Advanced controls and robotics efficiently retrieve the pallets requested, which means that direct access to inventory is provided at all times.

Sortation Conveyor

Increase the efficiency of your distribution center when you install a sortation conveyor. Easily and quickly sort products into the right lanes to shorten delivery times, improve process flow, and reduce shipping costs.


They are ideally suited for businesses that require a shipping solution where boxes are built from scratch. The process is used to evaluate the items included in an order and determine the number and size of each shipping carton needed, increasing the accuracy of coordinating multiple orders and decreasing returns and shipping costs.

Workers filling cardboard boxes with paper on a conveyor line in warehouse


Dunnage is the internal packaging components that consist of metal, foam, planks, aluminum, or corrugated paper. These components are used to support and secure packages during shipping and handling. Dunnage is a packaging essential to protect virtually all types of cargo and is also beneficial when shipping freight by sea, roadway, or rail.

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