Warehouse Storage Solutions that Maximize available space

The way products and material are stored in a warehouse or fulfillment operation heavily impacts efficiency and productivity.

With data and technology analysis, our experts can identify the proper storage systems and slot items into optimal picking locations.

This minimizes retrieval time, boosting productivity.

Efficient storage solutions maximize available space, saving costs and resources while accommodating more inventory without expanding physically.

Static Racking Systems

Types of Storage

Reserve Storage

Product inventory is often classified as stored in either a primary or reserve location. Reserve storage is the excess inventory in the facility after the primary storage locations are filled. Reserve storage is typically not available to directly fulfill orders but is used to replenish primary locations when they drop below a certain threshold.

Active Storage

Industrial static racking is a storage system that stores pallets in easy-to-pick places. Rack systems can be customized to meet the needs of different industries and come in different shapes and sizes depending on the type of products they will be storing. The use of industrial static racking has been around since the 1950s due to its ability to increase productivity and efficiency for warehouses and distribution centers.

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