Our Process


Our Warehouse management Process


PMs are involved from initial site surveys through closing when applicable.


Your project manager and his experienced team of partners walk you through the design and implementation from beginning to finish.


We track and manage project procurements, subcontractors and active stakeholder engagement.


View and manage the project schedule, contract management, project scope, and deliverable sign-off.


We aren't done until you are satisfied and provide final customer acceptance. Upon completion, we will do a project brief with your team.

$ $ $ $ $ $ $


Why end relations upon successful project completion? We provide complete support even after we finish the job.

Our work is built for businesses & designed for people

With more than 58 years of business success, Hy-Tek designs to your objectives and goals for inventory storage, building throughput capacity/accuracy, labor/handling, and material/process flow. From the dedicated attention provided by our in-house engineering staff, project managers, or installation and service crews, our professionals embody a wealth of experience and expertise unmatched by the competition. Motivated by high expectations, Hy-Tek aims to provide cost-effective, efficient solutions that exceed your expectations.

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The Industries We Serve

Hy-Tek offers you the advantage of a dedicated project engineering team and a staff of specialists in project management, system implementation, and integration. Whether you need a warehouse storage retrofit—or a turn-key integrated system for a new facility—you can rely on our professionals.