In a growing consumer market that demands a wide variety of products immediately, retailers turn to Hy-Tek for high-functioning order fulfillment solutions that accommodate a constant rotation of inventory.

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Moving product quickly from the warehouse is vital and Hy-Tek helps wholesalers find innovative solutions that include flexibility for varying demands.

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Hy-Tek helps e-Commerce clients meet the growing demands of faster order fulfillment with adjustable solutions that adjusts for seasonal peaks.

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Given an ever-changing roster of shifting client needs, Hy-Tek offers 3PL providers adaptable solutions that quickly respond to fluctuating customer requirements.


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With competitive pressures to increase productivity and reduce costs, Hy-Tek provides manufacturers with integration efforts to improve new processes and/or develop modern automated approaches to solve difficult labor shortage issues.

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Whether the need is to modernize a facility or process to boost performance or decrease downtime, Hy-Tek can help improve system efficiency and flexibility that safeguards product integrity while reducing loss from damaged goods.

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Health & Beauty

Transporting health and beauty products across the supply chain requires complete visibility to ensure the exact item is selected and transported carefully. Hy-Tek brings clients in the health and beauty sector unique solutions that allow for high accuracy and security.


Managing the cost and process of shipping is key to the Parcel industry. Hy-Tek recognizes that constant challenge and provides focused solutions on accelerated order fulfillment and inventory replenishment.