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Hy-Tek is a leading provider of supply chain and distribution technology and services.  Our IntraOne platform encompasses a broad set of capabilities, services, and technologies to optimize the execution of activities and the flow of information, materials, and resources within their operations.

Client Support Services

To ensure long-term success, the support teams engage early in the process for a smooth operational transition and establish the protocol for support and service.​

Supply Chain Consulting

The consulting team integrates the clients’ strategic objectives with data-driven analysis and operational expertise to create the foundation for long-term operational success.​

Integration Engineering

Project teams focus on fine details to ensure the equipment and information systems meet the design requirements and adhere to the schedule.

Automation and Robotics

An agnostic approach to equipment technologies and years of experience ensure that the right combination of technologies are selected to meet the objectives.

Industrial Equipment

Our warehouse equipment is designed with your needs in mind, maximizing productivity and efficiency for your operations. Supplying you with sorters, conveyors, and more for the last 60 years.

Control Systems

Optimize warehouse operations with efficient MHE coordination, leading design, and easy reconfigurations for future growth. We provide 24/7 phone support, remote access, and onsite support.


Our operational software and machine control systems work together to create a technology layer that optimizes performance and information flows.​

Industry Leading FLEXIBILITY

IntraOne is a flexible platform that automates, optimizes and drive results for your distribution centers in the present and future as your business evolves.

A Platform that DRIVES RESULTS

Our Platform Approach​

We are the one provider you can depend on by committing to the following:​

  • Embracing the current status of an organization’s unique journey.​
  • Enabling a cohesive long-range strategy​
  • Streamlining engagements using in-house expertise​
  • Using data to support technology selections.​
  • Empowering organizations with actionable data.​
  • Facilitating outcomes with operational support.​
  • Leveraging R&D to identify best-of-breed technologies.​
  • Maintaining a neutral position & focusing on the best solution
  • Optimizing Performance with leading-edge Full Stack Software Solutions to connect technologies and empower better outcomes.


Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

The IntraOne platform is an interconnected system of logistics products and services that enable companies to leverage today’s and tomorrow’s technologies to maximize their distribution and warehousing operations

IntraOne meets you where you are. Highly configurable, adaptable, and scalable, IntraOne can be deployed based on your specific needs from simple to highly complex operations.  IntraOne also creates a foundation that helps ensure a future roadmap that can grow and expand as needed.  And continuous R&D by Hy-Tek will ensure that IntraOne can support the technologies that you need and minimize the complexities traditionally associated with automation.

IntraOne is built upon Hy-Tek’s more than 60 years of serving our clients and providing automation solutions. With a focus on delivering solutions truly tailored to each client and by utilizing our in-house team of professionals in every aspect of projects, Hy-Tek simplifies the world of automation and minimizes its risk by being your One-Stop Partner.

  • IntraOne offers a broad set of benefits. Here are just a few:
    • Improved resource, human, and mechanical, utilization
    • Reduction of labor requirements
    • Improved overall flow of materials, ,data and work within operations
    • Advanced visibility and usability of data to make it actionable
    • Simplified adoption of various technologies
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