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Take Advantage of Your Vertical Warehouse Space

Utilizing available space, pick modules to increase productivity by bringing products to employees rather than requiring employees to travel around a warehouse in search of products. A pick module is an efficient way to gain improved inventory control and ergonomic working conditions in a much more compact work environment. Enhance your system by combining a pick module with other storage solutions such as pallet flow rack, push back rack, pallet rack, case flow rack, or carton flow racking inside multilevel warehouse structures.

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Pick Modules

Pick modules are ideal for high throughput areas. They are typically multi-level racking structures with conveyors running through them to move products from picking to shipping. Replenishment of products within the Pick Module is done from the outside aisles, most often with a lift truck. They reduce labor costs, increase productivity, minimize product damage, and improve safety.


Take advantage of the vertical space in your warehouse by doubling or tripling your usable surface area with steel mezzanine systems that can be completely disassembled and re-used.


Our custom steel fabrication services have various benefits, including reduced construction time as we minimize your project's non-value-added activities. Our dedicated team ensures you get the most value for money.

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