Third Party Logistics (3PL)


attract and retain Clients for Your 3PL Facility

With 20,000+ third party logistics providers in the US as of 2023, it can be challenging to attract and retain customers if your facility does not facilitate fast and efficient operations.

Servicing clients with varying fulfillment strategies is difficult. However, you can stay competitive by optimizing your facility layout and implementing flexible technology.

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Common 3PL Challenges

Servicing Multiple Channels

Managing diverse client needs, scaling operations, integrating IT systems, and balancing inventory across multiple channels pose significant challenges for 3PL providers in servicing various distribution channels.

3-5 Year Contracts

3PL companies face challenges with changing customer contracts every 3-5 years. Adapting to new customer requirements is crucial, and having flexible equipment in their facility allows them to meet evolving demands efficiently and maintain customer satisfaction.

Fulfillment Strategies

3PL companies must adapt to different client requirements, such as direct-to-consumer, omnichannel, dropshipping, or cross-docking, ensuring their operations and processes can accommodate diverse fulfillment strategies efficiently and effectively.

3PL Solutions

To support diverse client needs, 3PL providers must be well-versed in various fulfillment strategies. However, challenges arise when multiple channels are serviced from a single facility, and the introduction of costly automation becomes complex due to varying client requirements and long ROI periods.

Hy-Tek considers these factors to develop solutions that meet both present and future client needs.

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Data-driven guidance for optimizing processes and overall performance.

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full stack software

Integrate and automate various processes with a single interface.

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Goods-to-person Systems

Automate the retrieval and delivery of products to the order picker.


Automate the movement of goods within warehouses and fulfillment operations.

Automated Storage & Retrieval System

Automate the storage and retrieval of products utilizing shuttle systems.

Conveyance & Sortation

Transport products efficiently and accurately sort them for distribution.

Industrial Equipment

Handle heavy loads, move goods within the warehouse, and assist in order fulfillment.

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