Technologies that enable Pharmaceutical Automation

Pharmaceutical fulfillment and distribution companies encounter several key challenges in their operations, ranging from stringent regulatory compliance and product traceability requirements to maintaining the integrity and safety of sensitive medications. 

Through advanced robotics and intelligent software, Hy-Tek automates critical tasks, reducing human errors and enhancing efficiency. Our sophisticated storage systems maximize space utilization and accommodate temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, facilitating seamless inventory management. 

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Common Pharmaceutical Challenges


Temperature-Sensitive Products

Many pharmaceuticals are temperature-sensitive and require specific storage and transportation conditions to maintain their efficacy. Maintaining proper temperature controls during warehousing and distribution is critical to prevent product degradation and maintain product integrity.


Regulatory Compliance

The pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated to ensure consumer safety and prevent counterfeit or substandard products from entering the market. Companies must adhere to various national and international regulations, which can be complex and subject to frequent updates.


Traceability and Serialization

Product traceability is vital in the pharmaceutical supply chain to identify and track products from manufacturing to the end consumer. Serialization requirements aim to curb counterfeiting and verify product authenticity, making compliance a significant challenge.

Pharmaceutical Solutions

Pharmaceutical fulfillment can include everything from generic unit storage on shelves and carton flow, refrigerated storage of products that must be maintained at a specific temperature, to secure storage areas where narcotics and other regulated or high-valued drugs are stored. There are various systemic checks and balances throughout the process to ensure order accuracy is maintained. All FDA regulations regarding serialization and traceability, as required by the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), are met.

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Data-driven guidance for optimizing processes and overall performance.

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full stack software

Integrate and automate various processes with a single interface.

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Goods-to-person Systems

Automate the retrieval and delivery of products to the order picker.

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Automate the movement of goods within warehouses and fulfillment operations.

Metal racking storing blue totes and yellow shuttle system grabbing a tote

Automated Storage & Retrieval System

Automate the storage and retrieval of products utilizing shuttle systems.

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Conveyance & Sortation

Transport products efficiently and accurately sort them for distribution.

Industrial Equipment

Handle heavy loads, move goods within the warehouse, and assist in order fulfillment.

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