Specialty and Automotive Clips and Fastener Wholesaler

Specialty and Automotive Clips and Fastener Wholesaler CASE STUDY

Location(s): Northern Kentucky
Facility Size: 220,000 sqft
Projects Implemented: 4
Years Servicing Client: 21
Vertical: Wholesale


As the Wholesaler continued its impressive growth trajectory and gained greater market share, a stark reality emerged: their existing facility simply couldn’t keep pace with the ambitious sales forecasts.

In an era marked by technological advancements and evolving construction dynamics, the decision was clear: it was time to rethink their approach. Instead of expanding horizontally, the prevailing wisdom was to build upward. Yet, there was a formidable challenge—the Wholesaler’s current facility wasn’t designed to accommodate such a vertical transformation.

The imperative was undeniable: the new facility had to not only meet Au-ve-co’s existing operational needs but also pave the way for anticipated growth.


In response to this monumental task, the Wholesaler forged a strategic alliance with Hy-Tek Intralogistics and Technology-Driven Distribution to perform an examination of their existing operations, meticulously crafting a blueprint to align with its three-year business plan. This entailed a comprehensive overhaul of internal processes, as well as the strategic selection and design of conveyance and storage equipment to drive operational success.

Once the blueprint gained approval, it was Hy-Tek’s project management team that swung into action. After the design was approved, our project management team went to work on the implementation of the solution, overseeing the installation, debugging and test, and system commissioning.


The new facility transformed the Wholesaler’s capabilities, enabling them not only to meet but consistently exceed the expectations of their discerning clients. Remarkably, they achieved this while significantly trimming their operating budget, thus unlocking newfound efficiency.

With the strong management team and workforce, the client feels confident they will be able to handle continued growth while providing the superior customer service their clients have become accustomed to. Their unwavering commitment to superior customer service remains a cornerstone of their identity, ensuring that their clients continue to receive the exceptional support they’ve come to expect.