Efficiently store and Retrieve Your SKUs

ASRS stands for Automated Storage and Retrieval System which, as the name entails, automatically stores and retrieves inventory from a rack system. ASRS systems typically replace overly-sized storage racks to maximize cube utilization and reduce non-value-added pick time.

The number of storage locations, required throughput rate, and the type of item being stored will determine the type of AS/RS system and the system size.

Yellow shuttle system grabbing blue tote from metal racking

Our Solutions

Mini-Load ASRS

Typically used for automated picking and order fulfillment, mini-Load AS/RS technology are ideal for high throughput of cartons, totes, or trays that weigh less than 300 lbs. Mini-Load AS/RS are designed to store small items in less space with a fast retrieval rate.


• Smaller aisleways and overall footprint

• Optimize cube utilization

• More efficient case-picking process than manual storage

Yellow shuttle retrieving blue tote from metal racking

Pallet Crane ASRS

Pallet cranes (or stacker cranes) are a type of AS/RS that stores and retrieves pallets versus totes or cartons.

This technology is used in warehouses and fulfillment operations for efficient storage and retrieval of heavy palletized goods.

It automates the process of moving and organizing pallets, optimizing space utilization and reducing labor requirements. 


  • More efficeint pallet storage
  • Cube optimization
  • Labor savings
Yellow shuttle system retrieving blue tote from metal racking

Vertical Lift Module

Vertical storage systems are one of the easiest methods for reclaiming unused square footage and elevating the handling processes of your product. While every company situation and investment budget is unique, practical vertical storage systems are affordable at varying price levels. 


  • Utilizes vertical cube
  • Efficiently stores inventory
  • Can be used multiple different ways in a fulfillment process 

ASRS Shuttles

ASRS Shuttles deliver and retrieve product via a shuttle that climbs the storage racks. The ASRS Shuttles are used for short-term storage of order totes/cartons and can present totes/cartons in the order that they need to be stacked on the outbound shipping pallet for efficient order consolidation.


  • Utilizes vertical cube
  • Efficiently stores inventory
  • Can be used multiple different ways in a fulfillment process 
Red shuttle robot retrieving cardboard box from metal racking

Key Features & Benefits


Overcome Labor Shortages


Recover Wasted Floor Space


Increase throughput and picking efficiencies


Increased Efficiency


Cube Optimization


Faster Product Retrieval

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