June 7, 2023

Hy-Tek Intralogistics & Hai Robotics Announce First Joint Solution & Sale

Unique 3 Level ASRS by Hai Robotics to be Implemented as Part of a Fully Automated Facility by Hy-Tek

June 7, 2023 – After announcing their partnership just last week, Hy-Tek Intralogistics, Columbus, OH and Hai Robotics US, Fremont, CA, announce their first joint solution and sale together. This system contains several highly unique solution features previously unheard of or difficult to achieve in an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS), demonstrating the strength of this partnership. 

First joint sale announcement between Hy-Tek and Hai

The system was designed for, and sold to, a manufacturing and engineering company in Ohio for a GTP buffer system application. The ASRS will automatically store drill bits, machining parts, and raw and work-in-progress goods while also acting as the facility’s tool crib to consolidate several areas of storage around the facility. 

The facility had previously used a carousel to manage much of the raw good storage, however the system was becoming costly to maintain and frequently broke down, reducing workflow efficiency and operational stability. 

The new Hai Robotics’ ASRS, driven by Autonomous Case-handling Robotic (ACR), delivers to a single dual-purpose workstation and conveying systems. All unified with Hy-Tek’s IntraOne software. 

ACRs are compact, tall, tote retrieval robots that navigate a storage grid and can extend upward to manage the storage of goods 32+ feet high. They are material agnostic, meaning the equipment can manage a grid constructed of almost any standard racking and container type, size, and material. Without the requirement of high precision storage locations, facilities typically see higher system flexibility and ease of expansion with lower overall costs. 

3 unique features about this solution include 3 varied heights of the racking, 2 different size totes within the single system, and double deep tote storage.

The facility has variable celling heights and other obstacles like pipes, lights, and sprinklers, that created inconsistent vertical clearance. The Hai Robotics/ Hy-Tek solution has 3 racking heights, 22 feet, 20.5 feet, and 17.5 feet. Other ASRS typically require a uniform height, requiring the max height of storage to meet the lowest clearance opportunity – losing out on vertical storage. This extreme flexibility of the ACR driven ASRS allows the system to maximize every inch of vertical storage space permitting 3,904 storage locations. 

Rendering of Hai Robotics system showing Green, Orange, and Magenta Rack Bays, being used in the solution.

The ACR driven ASRS is flexible and intelligent enough to handle 2 different size totes within a single system. The length and width of each tote is the same but have variable heights based off the products that are to be stored within them. This flexibility creates an appropriately sized system that consolidates much of the facility’s storage needs. If the system only had the large totes, the system would be undersized and storage locations lost, or only the smaller totes would exclude some of the products. The ability for an ASRS to manage such a wide variety of material sizes proves the facility with substantial operational advantages with the added benefit of more open space through the facility. 

The A42TD ACRs, the robot model that manages this ASRS, has a double deep reach, meaning, the robot can reach 2 totes deep into racking. Totes can be stored 4 deep and retrieved on either side of the rack. As a result, aisle numbers are reduced and the storage footprint is condensed. 

This system provides a combination of unique benefits. Individually, these features are uncommon. Combined, this automated solution is truly unique.

Kyle Detwiler, Technical Sales Manager at Hai Robotics, stated, “Creativity is key component of the solution that Hy-Tek provided. The Hy-Tek team is able to leverage Hai Robotics as a tool to unlock greater efficiency, density, and flexibility for the customers’ operation. The pairing of Hai’s ASRS with the IntraOne Platform creates a modern foundation for a system that meets current demand while laying the groundwork for simple expansion and future growth.”

“Pairing Hai Robotics’ system with our IntraOne software allows for an incredibly flexible solution to be implemented for our client, said Matt Bommer, General Manager | Cleveland Operations for Hy-Tek Intralogistics. Few robotic solutions allow for multiple totes sizes and heights in the same system. Hai Robotics with their flexibility and market entry point was a natural fit to provide the best outcome not only today, but as the client continues to grow in the future.“

About Hy-Tek Intralogistics – 

Headquartered in Columbus, OH, Hy-Tek Intralogistics is an automation technology integrator serving clients in diverse end markets and applications, including e-commerce, third-party logistics, and parcel. Hy-Tek is the premier single-source provider of material handling solutions for a wide range of industries including manufacturing, distribution, retail, construction, food, electronics, and automotive. Since 1963, Hy-Tek and its best-in-class industry partners have been providing customers large and small with turnkey solutions. From customized one-of-a-kind handling and storage systems to pre-assembled buildings and off-the-shelf products—Hy-Tek’s experienced team of engineering, sales, operations, and project management professionals’ partner with customers to help enhance productivity, streamline processes, and boost profitability. With over 500 employees, Hy-Tek serves customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico from offices in Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

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About Hai Robotics-

Hai Robotics is a leading global provider of intelligent automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS). Their ASRS solutions provide modern storage density, reach up to 32+ feet high, reduce customer’s storage footprints up to 75%, increasing workflow efficiency gains up to 4x, maximizing order pick accuracy to 99.9+%, and improve daily orders fulfilled rate over 170%.

Hai Robotics’ Autonomous Case-handling Robots (ACR) are the key equipment in their systems. These robots maximize the use of vertical space, managing the storage of goods 32+ feet high. Hai Robotics’ ACR solutions are independent of any storage medium, allowing the ASRS to be constructed of almost any industry standard racking structure with most kinds and sizes of bins, trays, cardboard cartons, and a variety of containers and materials.