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Goods-to-person systems are an alternative to traditional methods of picking. SKU proliferation, demanding SLAs, increasing volumes, shrinking labor pool, and a host of other impacts drive this process as a preferred method of picking orders. Goods-to-person systems solve operational challenges with minimal labor. Goods-to-person systems incorporate technology to eliminate travel time to inventory locations.


Our Solutions


Caja Robotics

Caja Robotics is a goods-to-person (G2P) robotic fulfillment solution that uses advanced software, specialized robots, and user-friendly workstations while optimizing employees’ workspaces. It can increase order picking efficiency and warehouse storage capacity all while being adaptive to current infrastructure and responsive to future scalability needs. Caja Robotics is ideal for brownfield warehouses operating in dynamic markets.


Exotec Skypod System

The Exotec Skypod system is an agile and high-performing automated order preparation and picking system designed specifically for retailers needing an efficient, scalable and responsive goods-to-person solution. The Skypod is the first of its kind to use 3D mobile robots. Laser scanner navigation and AI allow the Skypods to navigate in a multidirectional manner, carrying 66 lb. bins, freeing up time for the warehouse team members to focus on packing and shipping, avoiding long-distance walks to access inventory.

Key Features & Benefits


Ensure solution capacity and productivity performance


Scalability without interrupting production


Flexibility of adapting to multiple order profiles


Robots are always available with no single point of failure


Impressive energy savings over traditional automation with embedded energy recovery


Incomparable reactivity when late priority orders are added to the system

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