Select the Right 3PL Provider for your Business

Suppose you do not have a current third-party logistics (3PL) provider. If you are not happy with your current 3PL contract or the provider’s services in general, it might be time to start considering alternative options. Selecting the right 3PL can often be challenging to define the organizational requirements and sorting through the vast number of providers. In certain situations, building a warehouse and doing everything yourself might even make more sense rather than engaging in a specific 3PL provider. As part of our 3PL selection assistance process, our consulting experts can help guide your organization to select the best-equipped 3PL while providing a customized solution that fits your business needs.

How We Can Help

Network Analysis

The best place for your business is where your customers are, and we can help you find that out. We will review transportation networks and other data relevant to optimizing service levels or reducing costs with our location analysis tool.

Request for Proposal Development & Evaluation

After vetting the top providers, we develop a requirements-based request for proposal, ensure a prosperous partnership and give standardized responses to get you the best data-driven selection possible.

Implementation Assistance

To successfully outsource your distribution, we find the best way to transition from your current state, whether an existing 3PL or in-house management of this process.

Interested in 3PL Providers?

Learn how to Successfully Transition to one.

This white paper will guide you in selecting the right 3PL provider by highlighting critical success factors along the way.

Schedule a Consultation

Meet with a Hy-Tek expert to get a custom-built strategy that will not only save you money but provide a clear path to long-term, sustainable supply chain optimization. 

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