American Retailer of Shoes, Athletic Clothing & Gear

American Retailer of Shoes, Athletic Clothing & Gear CASE STUDY

Location(s): Indianapolis, IN
Facility Size: 500,000 sqft
Projects Implemented: 15
Years Servicing Client: 27
Vertical: Retail


With sales forecasts soaring well beyond the capacity of their existing facility, the Retailer found itself facing a pressing challenge. They needed a solution that could accommodate this unprecedented growth while leveraging as much of their existing equipment as possible. Crucially, this transformation couldn’t disrupt their vital store shipments.


The journey toward a resolution began with a pivotal meeting between our team and the Retailer’s esteemed Executive Group. Together, we meticulously outlined and solidified a comprehensive five-year business plan, tailored specifically to accommodate the anticipated expansion from 500 to 800 stores. Our Solutions Design experts then embarked on the task of crafting a system capable of supporting this remarkable growth. This endeavor encompassed not only the design but also the oversight of the construction of a new addition, the seamless integration of materials handling equipment, and the intricate interfacing of the conveyor control system with the Warehouse Management System (WMS).


The system was installed punctually and adhered to the allocated budget with remarkable precision.

In just the initial six weeks of production, the system astoundingly processed a staggering 155% of the projections set for year five. Even more impressively, the project achieved a remarkable sustainability milestone, as 100% of the previously installed equipment seamlessly found its place within the innovative new design, showcasing the fusion of resourcefulness and cutting-edge technology that defined this transformative endeavor.