Government Administration Records

Government Administration Records CASE STUDY

Location: Missouri


The client’s Records Center and Extension Site 1 in Lee’s Summit has an expiring lease and substantial capacity expansion need to support the projected future record growth.  With the need to store 2.9M linear feet of records by 2030, a substantially dense, efficient and innovative solution was required to support the growth.


A Program of Requirements (POR) was developed for the new facility that incorporated a highly automated system for record storage and retrieval.  This system included an initial 8 vault Autostore or Attabotics ASRS solution at 250K cubic feet of files per vault, a high-speed routing system to automate and accelerate record movement throughout the facility and an automated high-priority Autonomous Mobile Robot system to expedite priority requests to the downstream destination.

How We Did It

JSC, in partnership with Jacobs, supported the process through a multi-phased process that included:

  • Space Planning – to properly size and scope the facility by functional area
  • Technology Assessment – to identify the right technology fit that provided a return on investment
  • Detailed Design – to build a detailed concept design of the system and processes
  • Requirements Definition – to define the system and equipment requirements at a detailed functional level

What Is Next

JSC, in partnership with Jacobs, is currently engaged in a POR development process to install a test ASRS system in the existing NRC, which will serve as a proof of concept for the future state NRC.

Planned System

Video Animation of the System