Engineered Productivity Standards


Find Out How Long Specific Processes Should Really Take

Engineered Productivity Standards represent the time it should take for adequately trained employees, working at a steady, sustainable pace, to complete a particular task for any given process throughout the day. Our professionals utilize state-of-the-art tablet computers to collect actual on-site elemental task times. These devices enable the project engineers to spend more time on the floor with associates and less time performing data calculation summaries.

How We Can Help

The SUCCEED Labor Management System

Establish Preferred Methods with time studies of associates in work areas to develop and implement objective measurements for labor activities. As a result, you will realize improved productivity, lower operating expenses, enhanced service and accuracy levels, and performance feedback to associates on the floor.

The SUCCEED Managment Training

A three-day interactive workshop to educate managers concerning change management, essential leadership, continuous improvement, fundamentals of lean, labor management, productivity measurement, and performance counseling.

Bonus Reward$ Wage incentive Plan Development

Receive a customized, individual-based incentive guideline to calculate employee bonus rewards. This plan is generally offered in conjunction with the SUCCEED Labor Management System. Clients can save between 12% and 30% in cost savings and an additional 15% when the bonus rewards program is implemented.

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