Warehouse Rack: 6 Tips When Buying New Vs Used
Warehouse Rack 6 Tips When Buying New Vs Used

Warehouse Rack: 6 Tips When Buying New Vs Used

In this Hy-Tek blog edition, we provide 6 Tips When Considering New Vs Used Warehouse Rack for your distribution center storage solutions.

  1. Choose safety first when selecting new versus used racking. Whether buying new or used or some combination of both, the highest priority is safety over savings.  All racking is not the same, to ensure the highest level of safety, make sure to purchase racking where the gauge and bracing patterns are suited to your exact application.  Using the same manufacturer will also help reduce the risks of incompatible arrangements and classifications.
  2. Be prepared to work with a racking professional who can research the conditions and specifications of any used racking.  Used rack is typically 10% to 40% less in cost than new, however, it is sold “AS IS” and does not carry a factory warranty.  Therefore, it is critical to establish the history and specifications of the rack to ensure that it will perform effectively in a given application.
  3. Compare the cost of inexpensive new rack to used rack when deciding which route to go.  New racking will offer more accessory options (like angle protectors) utilizing the latest trends overused racking that is usually older in design.  Plus, new racking comes with engineered drawings, factory warranty, and coating possibilities.
  4. Focus on long term solutions rather than immediate savings. Will clients be visiting the facility?  Is it a new warehouse needing permits? Do you have expansions planned in the near future?  If so, new rack may be the better choice for versatility and the aesthetics of a cohesive configuration.
  5. Invest in used rack (as long as it’s in good condition and you know its history) if you can save at least 25% or more than buying new.  If sourced locally, used rack can also save money on freight and normally installed in a shorter time period.
  6. Work with a racking professional who has access to new and used options, and has the experience and expertise to achieve your storage goals. The initial savings you might see as a result of a used racking system may turn into a money pit if the rack is not suited to your particular application.  On the other hand, purchasing new rack could be an unnecessary expense if you are able to source used rack in great condition with identified specifications.  A trusted racking professional will assist in weighing the options and, in the end, find the solution that best meets your application within your budget.

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