Retail & eCommerce Supercenter Giant

Retail & eCommerce Supercenter Giant CASE STUDY

Location: Wilmington, OH

Projects Implemented for Client: 5

Years Servicing Client: 12

Vertical: Retail / eCommerce


In response to the ever-expanding demands of their booming e-commerce business, the Retail & eCommerce Supercenter Giant found themselves in need of a skilled Design-Build partner. The task at hand was no small feat: they required a comprehensive solution with a multi-million dollar budget that had to be meticulously designed, seamlessly implemented, and fully commissioned within a remarkably tight timeframe of just 20 weeks.

Furthermore, this ambitious endeavor necessitated not just any partner, but one capable of collaborating closely with the esteemed Airborne Logistics Services, which has since been rebranded as DHL.


Our team sprang into action with a sense of urgency. They quickly assembled a dedicated team of multiple resources, all under the guidance of a single point of contact. This proactive approach ensured a continuous, around-the-clock stream of updates.

The crux of their innovative proposal was to synergize Airborne’s cutting-edge Warehouse Management System (WMS) with our own Conveyor Control System (CCS). This fusion promised to empower Airborne with the capabilities needed to efficiently process and fulfill the projected orders as requested by the Supercenter Giant.


The fruits of this collaboration became evident in record time. In a matter of mere weeks from the project’s start-up, the system was put to the test. It accomplished a remarkable feat by successfully shipping over 8,000 orders in a mere 12-hour window.

But what truly set this system apart was its fast processing speeds. With communication between the WMS and CCS occurring in less than 5 milliseconds, it boasted the capability to induct an astonishing 120 cartons per minute into a high-speed sortation system that could multitask with remarkable efficiency.

This achievement marked a significant milestone in the journey to enhance the Supercenter Giant’s e-commerce fulfillment capabilities.