Robotic Palletizing and Depalletizing


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The Realtime360 Robotics™ automated solution provides intuitive, reliable, efficient robotic solutions that meet the needs of both standards, repetitive robotic applications as well as unique, customized applications. Our solution’s functionality is based on task-specific requirements and enhanced data-driven capabilities to identify, sort and process at high speed. Available with a variety of standard and custom-built single-purpose and multi-functional end-of-arm tools, Realtime360 Robotics is flexible to handle most dynamic applications, including Material Handling, Welding, Cutting, Painting, Inspection, and many others.

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Key Features


Flexible control integration with most common robot manufacturers


ABB System Integrator


Customizable for unique applications


Available for standard applications


A wide range of end-of-arm tools, including single and multi-function units, is based on the ever-changing application requirements.


Automatic change over for different products/functions.


Interfaces seamlessly with our entire Realtime360 Suite, including the Realtime360 WES and Realtime360 WCS.


Configurable to communicate with most third-party Host systems.


Ideal Applications

Case Palletizing

Bag Palletizing

Robotic Depalletizing

Scrap Metal Palletizing

Mixed Load Palletizing

Watch Robotic Palletizers in Action

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