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Utilize Your Vertical Space

When you need to move your product vertically spiral conveyor, continuous vertical lifts and reciprocal vertical lifts are great options. Save space in your warehouse when compared to the horizontal conveyors. All of these can be used for merging products from a multi-level pick module to a single takeaway conveyor line. 

Ideal Applications

Reduce Floor Space

Multilevel Transport

Pick-Up & Drop-Off Points for Vehicles

Low to Mid Frequency Vertical Transport

Vertical Accumulation Systems

Floor to Floor Technology & Solution Types

Spiral Lifts

Spiral lifts can be designed to transport product vertically to merge it with conveying lines of different levels. As a result, the spiral lift is often used with order picking systems built to optimize storage and labor. Spiral lifts are suitable for accumulating product and are customizable to meet the requirements of any application.

Continuous Vertical Lifts

Continuous vertical lifts are ideal for conveying goods from a lower level to an upper level and back down again. They feature automatic loading and high capacity. The tower takes up minimal floor space, while the platforms can be arranged in an "S" or "C" configuration.

Reciprocal Vertical Lifts

Move products and goods on a horizontal platform in an efficient, convenient, and safe way from mezzanines, basements, and between levels in multiple story buildings. Typically capable of moving between 4,000-6,000 pounds up to 50 ft/min, these conveyors come in various sizes and styles to handle just about any material moving application.

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