Operational Improvements


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Process Optimization

Quickly identify opportunities, evaluate each operational process, and align a roadmap of improvements that drive performance, and business value, and deliver ROI. The Process Optimization analysis includes a detailed review of methods employed for each task within the distribution center. Our Industrial Engineering professionals observe the methods of each warehouse task and benchmark key metrics with other JSC client distribution centers. Potential improvements are described in detail, including cost/benefit analysis documenting expense savings. Improvement recommendations of opportunities are presented along with the potential savings and investment quantified for each recommendation.

Process Improvements

A lean distribution and standard operating procedures with methods for each task within the distribution center targeted at labor-management productivity performance improvements. Our team of LEAN Six Sigma (Black or Green belt) certified consultants utilize process flow charts, 5S organization, and kanban work queues to provide exceptional process improvements. 

Engineered Productivity Standards

Engineered Productivity Standards represent the time it should take properly trained employees, working at a sustainable steady pace, to complete a particular task for any given process throughout the day. JSC’s professionals utilize state-of-the-art tablet computers to collect actual on-site elemental task times. These devices enable the project engineers to spend more time on the floor with associates and less time performing data calculation summaries.