Facility Technology


Warehouse Management System Services

A world-class supply chain is built on effectively integrating multiple complementary technologies. Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) is fundamental to running a significant best-in-class distribution facility. Our business and technical knowledge allows us to determine what technologies are ideal and can help clients identify, understand, and implement appropriate solutions and streamline processes.

Labor Management System Services

A Labor Management System (LMS) is a software application designed to manage human resources within a distribution center operation. An LMS can also enable real-time and daily feedback to associates and the management team. These systems provide a scorecard, which enables companies to increase productivity in the warehouse, improve workforce efficiency, and reduce turnover.  The greatest benefits to investing in an LMS are employee and management feedback, detailed reporting, incentive bonus compensation calculations, staff planning, and performance counseling administration.

Transportation Management System Services

Transportation Management Systems (TMS) Assessment and Implementation Assistance services are provided for organizations that are interested in understanding how advanced technology can improve transportation performance. Typically, the service includes a transportation technology assessment, based on a structured methodology that compares current technology capability with transportation requirements, resulting in an analysis of critical gaps and recommendations.