Realtime Visibility and Reporting


Receive Insights in Real-time

We put real-time information at your fingertips with Web Tools allowing critical decisions to be made quickly based on the most accurate information providing a clear and accurate snapshot of the operations at a moment’s notice. Integrated with your tools, systems, and processes, Web Tools continually monitors and manages the flow and progress of all information and activities. Web Tools integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP and other ERP systems to deliver complete visibility across all warehousing and distribution functions.

Key Features & Benefits

Delivers Real-Time Visibility with Instant Access to the Most Accurate Information

Allows Managers to Redeploy Resources as Needed

Tracks Process Status and Individual Performance in Real-Time

Allows Users to Identify and Measure Continuous Improvement Initiatives

Monitor and reassign labor to understaffed areas

Ensure inbound receipts have been put away properly

User specific dashboards give real-time data the way you want it

Access data in any FASCOR system and even from third-party systems being used

Supports internal and external customer needs

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