ERP Integration


Automate & Synchronize Your Supply Chain Operation

No matter the size of the company or the ERP system used, growing organizations continue to select our best-of-breed technology solutions to handle their warehousing and distribution challenges seamlessly, helping them reach new levels of productivity, performance, and profitability faster than ever before. Our solutions enable our clients to improve inventory and fulfillment accuracy, reduce shipping and operating costs, gain control of warehousing and distribution systems, and access supply chain data in real-time. We’re committed to providing robust yet scalable Warehouse and Transportation Management solutions delivering Tier-1 capabilities at a cost that translates to actual ROI.

Key Features


Robust Tier 1 Functionality

Our supply chain execution solutions offer up a feature-rich set of warehouse operational capabilities and functionalities to deliver state-of-the-art inventory control, improved material flow, and throughput, in real-time, at a comfortable price point for companies of all sizes.


Seamless, Real-Time ERP Integrations

Unified messaging across all ERP Systems. From homegrown, existing ERP, or a new ERP – our WMS can adapt to whatever ERP system you choose.



Whatever your IT situation, we have options to fit your needs now and in the future. Our flexible yet structured system architecture is what makes all the difference.


Accelerated Implementations Using Fastrac ™ Methodology

Combine a proven methodology 35 years in the making with our seasoned in-house software engineering and development team, our deployments are done faster, AND better, all without the high-costs often associated with a WMS and other system implementations.


Low Total Cost of Ownership

We’re able to configure our system to your business logic without expensive modifications of source code. This means lower TCO, faster implementation, and less risk for you.


Owned, Developed & Supported 100% in USA

Our leadership, engineers and support staff personally handle every aspect of Hy-Tek solutions. It’s been the way since the company started and will remain this way.

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