PARCEL Forum 2022

PARCEL Forum 2022

PARCEL Forum is the “go-to” event for shippers and their logistics partners to learn how to better streamline both their warehousing operations and delivery models to remain competitive in this evolving landscape. The industry has undergone tremendous change, largely driven by the influence eCommerce has had on changing customer demand, and for the past 20 years, PARCEL Forum is the place for shippers to learn how to deliver more product, more efficiently and more cost effectively.

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The Who, What & Why to Automating Your Distribution Center: Evaluating an Accurate ROI

When: Monday, October 10 from 1-5pm CST

Whether you are new to automation or a seasoned veteran, material handling automation can bring immense improvement to your distribution center operations when applied correctly. The number of functions that can be automated in a facility is endless, and this interdisciplinary, interactive workshop will provide examples of automation at every level while offering criteria for evaluating their return on investment (ROI). A panel of experts, including real-world operations managers and material handling professionals, will be assembled to provide an overview of best-in-class automation projects. Attendees will also have a chance to participate in small breakout groups for in-depth discussions and questions.

This workshop will discuss:

  • Types of automation technology available now and on the horizon
  • Benefits of applying automation technologies (including efficiency, safety, labor, accuracy, space)
  • Various functions to automate
  • Planning and critical steps for automating the DC
  • Evaluation criterion for automation ROI
  • Demands or potential unexpected outcomes related to automation projects
  • Other considerations with automation (e.g., technicians, software, spare parts)
  • Real-world perspectives and lessons learned


Ray DeMelfi

VP Consulting at Hy-Tek

Josh Duane

Director of Sales at Hy-Tek

Lori Gibson

Director of Consulting Services at

Zac Boehm

VP- Innovation & Technology at Hy-Tek

Brian Ellis

COO at Sarnova

John Klare

John Klare

Executive VP - Software at Hy-Tek

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