National Retailer

National Retailer CASE STUDY


Our client contracted Hy-Tek Integration, with consulting support from the JSC division, to support the implementation of a new highly automated fulfillment center with a 2021 commissioning.  This facility utilizes an Autostore automated storage and retrieval solution to supplement a high velocity and case pick operation.  In addition, the system utilizes a put-to-light system to aggregate orders arriving from the various upstream functional areas with delivery via a high-speed routing system.



  • 27, 330 Bins
  • 7 Induction / Picking Ports
  • 2 Transfer Ports
  • 43 Robots
  • 30 Chargers
  • 9,552 SKU’s – 50% of SKU base
  • 29,000 Orders per day
  • 1,225 Bin presentations per hour
  • One of the first batch pick implementations in the network, resulting in an estimated picking efficiency gain of 125% versus the other high automation facilities in the network
  • Design allows single and multi-unit orders to be picked during same presentation of bin
  • Put-to-light order consolidation