July 14, 2022

Hy-Tek | AHS Host Grand Opening of Innovation Lab in Erlanger, KY

Grand Opening Final

Erlanger, KY (July 14, 2022) – Hy-Tek Material Handling and Advanced Handling Systems (AHS), a Hy-Tek Material handling company, leading full-service integrators of automated fulfillment and distribution solutions, announced yesterday the Grand Opening of their newly updated 20,000 square-foot Innovation Lab. Among the audience were Mayor Jessica Fette, customers, prospects, and other local government officials. Located in Erlanger, KY, the event was held in tandem with the Package Fulfillment, Logistics and Delivery Expo being hosted yesterday and today in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear congratulated Hy-Tek | AHS and thanked the company leaders for their commitment to the commonwealth.

“As we work toward building an economy that works for all Kentuckians, high-tech job opportunities will play an increased role in those efforts,” Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said. “This investment by AHS and Hy-Tek is creating quality jobs in Northern Kentucky and supporting distribution and logistics growth, which is one of our state’s thriving key industries. Thank you to the company leaders for their commitment to the commonwealth. I look forward to seeing what’s next for AHS and Hy-Tek in Kentucky.” 

“With Hy-Tek’s unveiling of the Innovation Lab comes a new evolution in how we serve our customers,” said Dave Tavel, Sr. Vice President of Sales at AHS. “The future of our industry will rely on the emerging technologies that we integrate, test, and evaluate within our lab. We are continuously reviewing new and better ways to solve our customers’ challenges. It is an exciting time for our industry as the demands for quality and speed increase; the need to utilize robotics will be commonplace. Our focus will be on supplementing the existing labor force, reducing the physical demands of the jobs, and driving quality for the industry. The next 50 years begin today!”

Hosting over 25 customers and prospects throughout the last six months, the lab features warehouse robotics systems that solve many pain-points companies are facing today. These technologies include autonomous mobile robots, collaborative robotic arms, robotic sortation solutions, full-scale Goods-to-Person systems, and more to come in the future as the companies’ partnerships and innovations continue to expand.

“Our strategic journey to focus on innovative technology started over four years ago,” said Zac Boehm, Vice President of Innovation and Technology at AHS. “Throughout those years, we have researched many different robotics manufacturers and aligned ourselves with technologies that make a difference to our current and future customers. By building a focus around Exotec, Caja, and Tompkins Robotics, we can work through proving and pairing solutions together in our innovation lab to show the value to the industry.”

Earlier this year, AHS was acquired by Hy-Tek Holdings, a material handling automation integrator that maintains a separate facility in Hebron. Having acquired Johnson Stephens Consulting, World Source, Fascor, BP Controls, and most recently, AHS, Hy-Tek now offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for its customers.

“Hy-Tek /AHS is the only Systems Integrator in North America to integrate robotics offerings from Exotec and Caja robotics systems,” said Donnie Johnson, President of Integrated Systems at Hy-Tek. “Robotics are growing rapidly in the e-commerce and distribution areas in our business sector. Hy-Tek can offer end-to-end solutions for our valued customer base. Our clients prefer working with Hy-Tek/AHS due to our broad product offering and comprehensive design-build capabilities.”

Having a universal location with all technologies, Hy-Tek | AHS provides an opportunity for customers to personally experience and test solutions that will optimize their supply chain process.