Flooring Company

Flooring Company CASE STUDY

Location: Calhoun, Georgia


Our client recently acquired an existing manufacturing site located in Calhoun, Georgia with the intent to convert the facility to a master distribution center. This conversion consisted of retrofitting the newly acquired facility to receive, warehouse, pick and ship the following materials:

  1. Carpet products including modular (palletized carpet tile), and 6’ and 12’ broadloom carpet (rolls), all currently manufactured in Calhoun at the manufacturing plant located approximately 1 mile away from the new building.
  2. Incorporating several new product categories into the facility that are currently manufactured and warehoused at other sites. These new products are all case goods that will arrive and be stored on pallets.


The final design provided flexible storage solutions while maximizing cube utilization of the existing facility. The new design allowed for the consolidation of product from multiple facilities into smaller footprint.  The space efficient design resulted in 70K sq ft of additional warehousing capacity. The project was completed on-time.

How We Did It

The JSC team surveyed multiple existing Mannington operations and completed a detailed inventory data analysis. Once familiarized with process and product the JSC specialist identified opportunities to conserve space and increase storage utilization. The team achieved both through exhaustive data analysis, space modeling and the integration of multiple storage solutions. All of which were specified in the appropriate quantities based on product handling attributes and velocity.