American Worldwide Clothing & Accessories Retailer

American Worldwide Clothing & Accessories Retailer CASE STUDY

Location: Gallatin, TN
Projects Implemented: 35
Years Servicing Client: 42
Vertical: Retail / eCommerce


Products were being returned to random mixed locations throughout the storage area which forced the picker to go deep within the racking to pick items, resulting in roughly 50 to 75 UPH per person.

Additionally, if a SKU was going through the return process and simultaneously being picked for an outbound order, the picker would be directed to the random location versus the return location which is typically closer, thus more efficient.


We implemented the Exotec Skypod System which presents storage bins to the operators at a stationary workstation. The inbound operator scans the returned SKUs and fills up the segmented storage tote as it’s presented. When a SKU is needed for an outbound order, the Skypod retrieves the tote and presents it to the picker. Upon presentation, the picker is directed to the specific segment in the tote containing the SKU.


The inbound operators were processing 750+ units per hour while picking operators were picking 300+ units per hour – a 300% increase.

The system proved more efficient because the pickers did not have to walk to various locations or sort through 20+ units in a given storage location. Exotec’s totes had smaller groupings.