Hy-Tek Provides Insights About Gaining Productivity & Flexibility Through Automation

Hy-Tek and Johnson Stephens Consulting, a division of Hy-Tek Material Handling, has recently been featured in the September / October 2021 PARCEL Magazine. Our team shares expertise about how to combine the proper plan with the right level of automation when businesses are looking to automate processes within their supply chain to increase productivity. 

Excerpts from the full article are as published in September/October 2021 PARCEL Magazine – Gaining Productivity and Flexibility Through Automation.

“Businesses across the world are seeing increasing and ever-changing demands from their customers.  Many companies are looking to automate processes with the intent of increasing productivity.  They are turning to conveyors, robotics, and software to meet customer demands while combating the increasingly hard to find and rapidly rising costs of labor.  This increase in automation can be beneficial in boosting productivity but can have the downside of limiting a company’s flexibility.  The key to getting the full benefits of automation, while being in a position to adapt to any future changes in business, is combining the proper plan with the right level of automation.”

The full article can be found on page 26 by clicking the image or link below, which further explains planning for automation along with automation pitfalls to avoid. 

This article was co-written by:

Ray DeMelfi

Ray DeMelfi

is responsible for leading the Johnson Stephens Consulting operations practice, which includes supply chain strategy, facilities planning/design, facility technology, and process optimization services.

Josh Duane

Josh Duane

is the Director of Sales for Hy-Tek Integrated Systems Southern Operations Division. Hy-Tek designs and implements material handling and automated systems across a multitude of industries.

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